A conceptual cooking game that encourages home cooking

Popularity of delivery service has made young generation today opt out of home-cooking. Is there a way to bring this healthy life style back? After rounds of user research, ideation and testing, our team proposed Koocook, a futuristic cooking game that makes learning to cook fun and engaging through disruptive technologies like voice assistant, AI and smart display.

# School project    #User research     #Ideation     #Concept Visualization

AR Dunk

A mobile Augmented Reality basketball game built for PinOn.Inc

Winter of 2018, I worked as a contract designer for PinOn. Inc, a Boston-based start up that develops smart menu for local restaurants. The team discovered that most customers get bored while waiting for their dishes. To enrich their waiting time while adding a channel for business promotion, we designed and delivered a mobile augmented reality basketball shooting game AR Dunk.

# Client project    #3D Modeling    #Design handoff

Data Shop

An educational website on data bias and AI ethics

A course on Machine Learning and its application got me interested in the topic of AI ethics. Along with Xuefei Yang RISD 19', we developed a website that illustrates data privacy and bias with the metaphor of "grocery shopping". On our interactive webpage, allowing access to your camera, audio & text input, as well as online habits gives you "currencies" to purchase digital services such as photo tags. However, just like when buying milk, viewers are encouraged to check the "healthiness" of this product through its "nutrition label" --- whether the dataset is biased, illegally obtained or sorted by poorly paid workers.

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