Wellness in the workplace

Nowadays, work-culture in many countries are productivity driven, individual wellbeing is ranked at a rather lower priority. Rising anxiety and depression rate will negatively affect productivity, which creates an unhealthy loop.

With most office products available on the market focusing on increasing employee efficiency and productivity, few remember to account for the individual’s well being.


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How can we help people relax and relieve stress during work hours?


Coffee plays an important role in creating a relaxing work pace
full-time workers drink coffee1
of employees said coffee at work puts them in better mood2
are spend daily on coffee-runs per employee on average2
Coffee breaks are great excuses for employees to make a pause, go for a walk, get some fresh air or chat with friends.

What exactly makes coffee so attractive ?

After the initial research, we dove deeper into identifying the most attractive & relaxing aspects of coffee-drinking or coffee-making and the reason why coffee can put people in better mood.

We borrowed a full set of coffee-making gears to test people’s reaction to the whole experience.


Sound, aroma, texture are great sources of joy

Most people best enjoy the grinding and pouring process because they have a strong appeal to their senses.


Sharing with others increase happiness

At the end of the experiment, most people think sharing and discussing with others make them relax and recharge faster.


Repetitive movements help to calm down

Participants said the circular pouring and grinding motion are very calming, and gives the process a ritualistic feeling.


Hands-on experience is better then sit-and-wait

Many people are intrigued by the brewing equipments and said that handling with these physical items is refreshing.


Product Direction

A pour-over coffee set that brings relaxation and encourage social interaction in the office


What if getting coffee becomes a group mental wellness ritual?


We started the ideation phase with the key insights discovered from the research. The first idea was to create a ZEN coffee experience that 2 people can go through during casual chats.

User feedbacks

The prototype shows that having two people working on the same task is a great way of sparking conversation.

However, when it becomes a daily task, people might easily get bored and the joy will quickly diminish.


Turning a daily routine into something dynamic

We came up with the idea of disassembling a coffee set into modular pieces and allow different configurations to be made. It not only engages the coffee makers to interact with each other, but also leaves a little room of creativity and fun. Like logo ideas, innovative configurations becomes an interesting scene in the office that is shared across the floor.

Listen, Smell, Touch

The pure hand-making process of a pour-over coffee appeals to all senses and works as a great distraction from work and ritual to relax.

Build it the way you like

fOfO has a modular filter shelf that can be built into anything you like. Check out the instruction card or invent a new configuration on your own! Your daily coffee run can become fun and creative.

Made for two

We added extra building aspect to the traditional pour-over so that tasks can be naturally distributed among two people and spark conversation.

We also designed the scoop size, cup volume and dispenser lid for two.

A pour-over kit for everyone in the office

Getting coffee everyday can be dull, our modular coffee set allows users to change configuration and always try new things. The pour-over process is  easy-to-learn, designed for everyone in the office to play and enjoy.


Feedback from user tests

Getting coffee everyday can be dull, our modular coffee set allows users to change configuration and always try new things. The pour-over process is  easy-to-learn, designed for everyone in the office to play and enjoy.

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